Mister Bartender Cocktails 100ml



Mister Bartender is bringing your favourite drinks to your fingertips (and tastebuds) anytime, anywhere, any day of the week. Tipples that are too damn delicious to deny and make every moment worth celebrating, so you can live life to the sweetest.

Espresso Cocktail 100ml:
Absolut Vodka, Kahlua, Cold Drip Coffee, Shimmer Sugar Syrup

Lychee Lady Cocktail 100ml:
Absolut Vodka, Paraiso, Lychee, Lime, Shimmer Sugar Syrup

Negroni 100ml Cocktail:
Tanqueray Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Campari, Shimmer Water

Peony Posy Cocktail 100ml:   (Also known as Pornstar)                                                Vodka, passionfruit liquer, shimmer vanilla syrup, lime, pure passionfruit, pineapple.



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