Blooms + Spa Nirvana Voucher

Spa Nirvana Voucher

Everyday presents a newly designed bunch of fresh flowers wrapped with love in hessian.

Please note: The image is an example only and your posy will be the posy of the day as viewed on our home page, instagram and facebook pages.

A Spa Nirvana Gift of Wellbeing is the perfect people pleaser. Leave a lasting impression and give that special someone their well deserved time out in the tranquil surroundings of Spa Nirvana.

Gifts of Wellbeing have a validity period of 12 months.

*Season Specials and Weekly Specials are excluded from Gift of Wellbeing Sales and Redemptions.

Spa Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat is located at 45 McNamara Ave, Airport West, Victoria, 3042.

Orders close 12:30pm Monday - Friday for same day delivery. Deliveries go out between 1 – 5.30pm. Due to our drivers’ predefined routes, we can’t guarantee specific delivery times.

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