Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Mix | The Caker

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Mix | The Caker

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This Caker's mix makes a rich, dark cocoa flavoured cake, which you can embellish with chopped roasted hazelnuts. The cocoa glaze adds more luxurious chocolate and the crunchy hazelnut praline decoration is the perfect way to finish your creation.

Just add butter (or oil) and milk and some hazelnuts!

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Dark Chocolate Cake Mix
-Belgian 70% dark couverture chocolate pieces in a blend of ancient grain spelt flour, soft brown sugar, raw ground almonds, Dutch cocoa, baking powder, ground vanilla bean and a pinch of salt

Dark Chocolate Glaze Mix
-Dutch process cocoa powder blended with double-milled icing sugar

Hazelnut Praline Decorations
-Crunchy hazelnut praline

Non-stick Cake Tin Liner
-For an 8 inch (or 20cm) cake tin - so there’s no need for greasing!


-295ml or just over a cup of regular or any dairy-free milk

Butter or Oil
-115g of butter or ½ a cup of coconut or rice bran oil

-50g or about a handful of chopped hazelnuts (preferably roasted)

8 Inch (20cm) Cake tin
-This mix will also make 9 - 12 cupcakes