Coconut Raspberry Cake Mix | The Caker

Coconut Raspberry Cake Mix | The Caker

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The Caker's most popular cake mix. It makes a beautiful moist coconut cake, which is perfectly complimented by tart raspberries. It also comes with a coconut glaze (which is lovely with some lemon zest) and our very famous freeze-dried raspberries for decoration.

Just add milk, butter (or oil) and raspberries!

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Coconut Cake Mix
-Macaroon-cut coconut blended with ancient grain spelt flour, blanched ground almonds, cane sugar, baking powder, ground vanilla bean and a pinch of salt

Coconut Glaze Mix
-Macaroon-cut coconut blended with double-milled icing sugar and ground vanilla bean

Raspberry Decorations
-Pure freeze-dried raspberries

Non-stick Cake Tin Liner
-For an 8 inch (or 20cm) cake tin - so there’s no need for greasing!


-295ml or just over a cup of regular or any dairy-free milk

Butter or light-flavoured oil
-115g of butter or ½ a cup of coconut or rice bran oil

-120g or about a cup of fresh or frozen raspberries

8 Inch (20cm) Cake tin
-This mix will also make 9 - 12 cupcakes