The Posy Story delivers a tale to you everyday. Each story of flowers aims to deliver bliss and delight to the doorsteps of Melbourne's surrounding suburbs. Our story identifies with the simple pleasures of life by delivering flowers and gifts in a simple, inexpensive and enjoyable way.

In developing the posy story our vision is significant in creating a caring and growing community. We aim to achieve this by delivering unique posy stories and raw soy candles that continue to provide a pleasant feeling and thought. Additionally, we aspire to support and create awareness of Crohn's and Colitis Australia by contributing a percentage from each sale that we receive.

The posy stories we produce are sourced locally from flower growers by Victoria’s suppliers and are uniquely and freshly designed each day. Other products we produce are The Candle Salon's fragrant hand poured candles made with natural soy wax that provide an eco friendly burning time and a reusable jar. We are also stockists of a good range of other hard to find sweets and treats, as we continually look to support other small businesses by finding new products for your continued gift purchase.

Stories are made to be shared. So let us help you create your story gift for any reason, event, occasion or for no reason at all. We welcome you to share your posy story with us because we would love to hear all about it! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our daily stories.