Take me to infinity

Take me to infinity

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Hand made dried arrangement in a Marmoset found ribbed infinity vase. 

Size: Small

Vase Dimensions/Size: 11cm (H) x 5cm (W) x 15cm (D)

Please note dried plants and flowers can be delicate. Some shedding may occur but they have a long life of 1-3 years if looked after appropriately. Ensure you keep them out of direct sunlight. No two arrangements are ever identical so each arrangement is one of kind and will be made according to the colour palette selected.

Select your colour palette:

  • Blushing: a mix of pink and nude
  • Crimson: rich deep red 
  • Earthy: natural, cream, ivory and brown tones
  • Peaches and cream: ivory and orange
  • Violet: lilac and purple